May 7: Lord Jesus, to whom I commit my Spirit. Psalm 31:1-5, John 14:8-14
Jesus promises that we will do greater works than Him. Why? Well, because just as Jesus acted to do the will of the Father, we too act to magnify the will of the Son - to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus. 

May 14 (Motherís Day Sunday): The Sisters of Hospitality. Psalm 66:8-12, Acts 2:42-47
Happy Motherís Day.  Fellowship is held together by radical hospitality, and on this day we recognize the matriarchs - the ladies that hold the family together.  

May 21: The Spirit Arrives. Numbers 11:24-30, Acts 2:1-13
In a turn back to the story of redemption - the story of God undoing the curse (Rom. 5), we look at the coming of the Spirit.  What did that mean, and how is that tied back to problems that we encounter in the early pages of Genesis?

May 28: Combine church service for Memorial Day observation on the Plymouth Green.